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Business Visa for China

Business Visa for China

Individuals who want to visit China for business or trade purposes are granted the Chinese business visa also called the M visa. You are welcome to get in touch with our lawyers in China if you plan to visit this country for business purposes. Our lawyers can assist you to acquire a business visa in China

Furthermore, our immigration lawyers can also provide you with legal assistance if you want to relocate to China

Chinese business visa requirements 

business visa for China may be issued for a period of 30, 40, 60, 90, 180 days, or 1 to 10 years. Additionally, it can provide one, two, or even multiple entries. Please find below the list of the required documents if you want to apply for a Chinese business visa:

  • A valid passport with at least six months of remaining validity, and multiple blank visa pages;
  • A typewritten application that is fully completed and includes a current color photo;
  • Airline tickets or at least one way;
  • Evidence of lodging, like: hotel reservation, relative’s letter of invitation, etc;
  • Evidence of financial capability;
  • Business license of the inviting company;
  • Invitation letter from the inviting company situated in Mainland China.

The Chinese business visa invitation letter content should include:

  • Information about the applicant, such as the complete name, birth date, passport number, etc;
  • Details on the planned business trip, such as the intended goal, the arrival and departure dates, the location to be visited, etc;
  • Details about the inviter, such as his/her name, phone number, address, signature.

These are the business visa requirements in China that you are required to fulfill. Our attorneys can also guide you if you need further information about a Chinese business visa. 

Can I extend my Chinese business visa?

Yes, it is feasible to go to the Public Security Bureau (PSB) to apply for a Chinese business visa extension at least seven days before the initial M visa expires. This should be done after entering China if the length of stay is insufficient to cover your trip. Usually, a single extension costs CNY 168.

If you need legal assistance for the extension of a Chinese business visa, you can get the services of our attorneys located at our law firm in China. Furthermore, if you plan to apply for residency in this country, our lawyers can provide you with practical assistance in this regard. Their legal assistance can help you get Chinese residence without wasting your precious time.

Chinese business visa processing time

The average time for processing an application is four business days. If you wish to pick up your Chinese business visa sooner, you can also use the expedited or fast services. For same-day collection, an additional fee of USD 30 should be paid and an additional fee of USD 20 for second or third-day collection.

Whether you want a regular or an early visa, you are recommended to acquire legal assistance. For this purpose, you are welcome to interact with our Chinese lawyers. They can help you understand Chinese business visa requirements. Besides this visa, if you want to buy a property in China, our attorneys can also assist you. Before you buy land, they can perform thorough due diligence to help you avoid any possible frauds. Furthermore, they can also suggest areas where you should buy a property in China

Golden visa in China

golden visa enables wealthy people to obtain a residence permit or even citizenship in another nation by making a significant donation, an investment or purchasing real estate there. If you are seeking information about a golden visa in China, you can get help from our lawyers. Our experienced lawyers in China can provide you with detailed practical legal assistance regarding a golden visa in China. 

Chinese business visa exceptions for foreigners 

business visa in China changes its validity as per the country of the visitor. For instance, some nations have unique agreements that give their residents access to certain business visa benefits in China:

  1. business visa in China is valid for up to 10 years for US citizens;
  2. Chinese business visa is valid for up to maximum 9 years for Canadian citizens;
  3. This visa is valid for up to 10 years for Argentinians;
  4. Chinese business visa is valid for up to 10 years for Israeli citizens;
  5. United Kingdom citizens have a 2 years maximum validity for a Chinese business visa

Contact our attorneys in China for their legal services. They can help you by providing you with information about the golden visa in China. Besides this, if you are seeking help with your Chinese citizenship application, you can get in touch with our lawyers.