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Company Relocation in China

Company Relocation in China

The decision to relocate the company to China is an important one and business owners should consider a series of aspects and be prepared for the cultural and business environment change. The relocation process needs to be planned according to the needs of the company and also according to its size. The owners may choose to also relocate their foreign employees or hire personnel in China.

When you decide to move your company to China you have the option of soliciting the services of a professional relocation firm. Our lawyers in China are able to help you start the procedure and handle all the steps needed for relocation.

The process of company relocation

Foreign investors in China have the option of setting up a Wholly-Foreign-Owned-Enterprise. This is the most common business form chosen by non-nationals because it allows for full ownership. This is the Chinese version of the limited liability company so a foreign LLC can easily be relocated to China under this business form. Our lawyers in China can assist you during the company incorporation procedure. we also recommend that you register any existing trademarks as you relocate to China.

The relocation process can cause a short-term disturbance in the usual commercial activities of the company. It is important to fully consider all of the aspects related to moving the company and how this choice will influence business relationships and the existing customer base. A good reason to relocate is if you are already engaged in trade or manufacturing activities and want to move the company to China to be better able to control the manufacturing chain and the trade process.

The video below presents the main steps of  relocating a company, with complete support offered by our Chinese lawyers

Reasons to relocate to China

China is an emerging market with important potential for investments. The country has one of the strongest developing economies in the Asian region. A few of the top reasons to relocate to China include:

–    large internal market;

–    low labor costs;

–    advantageous import duties;

–    a stable currency rate. 

The decision to relocate a company to China can be primarily driven by access to lower manufacturing costs and import/export opportunities. The experts at our law firm in China can help you plan the relocation process and are able to help you transition to this new country.

You can contact us if you have more questions about doing business in China and the legislation for foreign investments.