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Corporate and Commercial Legal Services

Corporate and Commercial Legal Services

It is advisable that investors who have opened a business in China or those who are seeking to set their operations in this country to receive the legal advice of a team of lawyers who are familiar with the legal aspects of the corporate and commercial activities of a company. Receiving legal advice or assistance in these fields can improve the quality and the results of your business operationsour Chinese law firm can provide you with relevant information on the services from which your company can benefit of. 

Corporate legal services in China  

Foreign investors who are interested in expanding their activities in China should know that our Chinese team of lawyers is specialized in vast area of corporate legal servicesOur lawyers in China can provide you with the following services: 

company incorporation – our lawyers can assist you in the steps you have to take related to the business registration process, such as business name registration, drafting company articles or appointment letters and can they verify if the documents meet all the provisions required by the Chinese legislation

drafting of contracts – our Chinese lawyers can verify the validity of the contracts signed by the company, respecting the rules imposed by the industry in which you have set your operations accordingly with the Chinese law

dissolution – the dissolution process will require the legal assistance of our experienced lawyers, who can supervise the process.

Commercial legal services in China 

The area of commercial legal services in China is comprised of commercial disputes, litigation cases and arbitration. Commercial disputes usually arise when one of the contracting companies have failed to respect all the provisions of a commercial contractOur lawyers in China can verify all legal aspects of a contract and can help you resolve the case. 

Commercial disputes that can’t be resolved through mediation will be handled in a Chinese court, where you will need the assistance of a Chinese lawyer

If you need further information on the corporate and commercial legal services available in China, please contact our team of Chinese lawyers