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Digital Nomad Visa in China

Digital Nomad Visa in China

Even if there is no specific digital nomad visa scheme for China, remote workers can still move and work from here.

If you are also interested in applying for a digital nomad visa in China, you can get in touch with our lawyers. The skilled lawyers located at our law firm in China can provide you with detailed assistance regarding visa applications. Besides a digital nomad visa in China, you are also welcomed to interact with our immigration lawyers in China if you want to relocate to this country.

Visa option for digital nomads in China

If you want to move to China as a digital nomad, you can apply for a tourist visa that enables you to live here. This the L-visa and it has a validity of 3 to 6 months, out of which you can spend 2 months in some of the most important digital nomad hubs in the country. In most cases, the visa is issued for one month and it implies submitting the following documents with the immigration authorities:

  • the valid passport (6-month validity period is required);
  • flight tickets with arrival and leave dates;
  • proof of accommodation;
  • proof of payment of the visa fee;
  • a recent passport-sized photo;
  • the visa application form.

If you plan on immigration to China and obtaining a digital visa, you can request more information from our lawyers about other options.

Why should digital nomads select China?

Over the previous few decades, China has seen significant economic and social upheaval. For the first time in 2008, the number of Chinese citizens living in cities surpassed those living in rural regions, and China has proceeded to urbanize at an unprecedented rate since then. As a result of this transformation, marketers begin to pay attention to what digital nomads are doing, as these entrepreneurs may represent the future of marketing in China. 

Individuals are abandoning their desks and location-based employment in favor of working remotely for firms all around the world, and China’s workforce is rapidly becoming a part of this trend. Most people from all around the globe are interested in obtaining a digital nomad visa in China because it provides numerous prospects for entrepreneurs and professionals. More and more foreigners are turning their business ambitions into reality in China, all this is due to the country’s thriving startup environment.

Besides obtaining a digital nomad visa in China, if you want to buy property in this country, you can rely on our immigration lawyers in China. They will provide you with detailed legal assistance because buying property as a foreigner might bring extra obligations for you to comply with. So, our seasoned lawyers located at our law firm in China can provide you with a comprehensive guide if you want to buy property in China

Best spots in China for digital nomads

If you want a digital nomad visa in China and work remotely in its cities, here are some options provided for you. You can select any place as per your choice for your stay as a digital nomad in China. Furthermore, if you want more options for your stay, you can get in touch with our lawyers in China. They will provide you with the requirements and advantages of all cities in China, so you can easily choose any place as per your choice:

  • Guangzhou: Guangzhou, formerly known as Canton, is China’s third-biggest metropolis. It is one of China’s most important manufacturing areas. Guangzhou’s prosperous economy is built mostly on the import and export industries, as well as technology and trade. Many foreigners in the area have found work in these industries;
  • Shenzhen: It is also known as the hardware manufacturing powerhouse of Silicon Valley, draws professionals and entrepreneurs. The youthful, fast-growing city is also known for its thriving startup scene. Shenzhen is home to over 600 businesses, millions of registered investors, and about a million daily transactions;
  • Chengdu: Chengdu is regarded as a benchmark for international investments. It is growing in importance as a center for the economy, transportation, technology, and international trade;
  • Hangzhou: It is home to the e-commerce sites which are burgeoning technological powerhouse. It is the most populated city in East China’s Zhejiang province. Many entrepreneurs today suggest this location for business;
  • Beijing: It is the China’s capital and the world’s second most populated city. Beijing’s architecture is a fantastic mix of modern and ancient. Seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites can be found in Beijing. Many nomads still recommend this location because of the city’s sophisticated technologies and historical landmarks.

By obtaining a digital nomad visa in China, you can live in any of the cities above and take benefits as per your choice. Furthermore, if you are interested in obtaining residency in China, you can get legal help from our lawyers. Their detailed legal assistance will prevent any unnecessary delays in the process. 

If you need digital nomad visa in Croatia or other countries, we can put you in touch with our local partners. 

Nomad costs in China

If you want to apply for a digital nomad visa in China, please find below the living cost in terms of rent and co-working spaces in different cities of China:

  • The nomad living cost in Guangzhou is $853 per month;
  • The monthly nomad cost in Shenzhen is $1,352;
  • Nomad cost in Chengdu is $675 per month;
  • In Hangzhou, nomad cost is $785 per month;
  • The monthly nomad cost in Beijing is $1,508.

Contact our law firm in China if you want to know more about nomad life costs in the other cities of China. Our lawyers will provide you with detailed information in this regard and also help in immigration to China or obtaining a digital nomad visa

In addition to these services, if you any legal assistance regarding obtaining Chinese citizenship, you can get help from our lawyers.