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Fiduciary Services in China

Fiduciary Services in China

Fiduciary individuals or organizations deal with ethical and legal responsibilities for their clients and they have the power to manage, control and negotiate different terms, assets or agreements. Our Chinese lawyers can provide you with legal assistance and details if you are interested in fiduciary services in China.

Details about the fiduciary services in China

fiduciary person or organization can be a guardian, a personal representative, a trustee or an executor. The business relationship contains a trustee (the fiduciary) and the beneficiary (company, businessperson, etc.). Every fiduciary client has full access to his executor or trustee and can properly communicate with a trust supervisor 24 hours/day. A trustee needs to take the best decisions when handling the assets of the beneficiary. 

Fiduciary activities can apply to special transactions, where an executor can be used when selling a property, instead of the owner, without receiving gains from the sale of the assets.

 Fiduciary relationships in China

Our lawyers in China can provide you with fiduciary services no matter the type of business you might have. A trustee and a beneficiary can develop fiduciary relationships where certain duties are mandatory:

• investors and investment corporations;

• wards and guardians;

• stockholders and corporate board members;

• customers and lawyers.

The fiduciary services in China are recommended to foreign investors who do not know much information about the business background in the country.

Fiduciary services available in China

Besides representing the company’s best interests, our lawyers in China can offer many other fiduciary services like opening a bank account in the country for you or for your enterprise, preparing the documentation in order to register the business and can also verify and control the registries of your company.

Please feel free to contact our law firm in China if you want more details about the available fiduciary and legal services necessary for your company.