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Immigrate to China from South Africa

Immigrate to China from South Africa

The Chinese Visa Application Service Center receives the documents submitted by South African citizens who want to enter this country. The single-entry visa for China is issued for tourist purposes, so South Africans should apply in time before any travel plans. All the legal aspects related to immigrating to China can be discussed with our Chinese lawyers. Our team can also help foreigners open a company in China.

If you want to move to China from South Africa, our lawyers will guide you in the proper way.

How to apply for a visa for China as a South Africa citizen

Just like the name says, the single-entry visa for China allows only one entry to this country and has a validity of 90 days. In the case of a double-entry visa for South African citizens, this has the same validity and offers the possibility of entering twice in China within 90 days. However, those who want to relocate to China for longer periods must consider other options.

South African nationals who want to stay longer in China should apply for multiple-entry visas with a validity ranging between 6 months and one year. Here is how you can apply for a Chinese visa:

  1. The visa application must be made within 3 months before the date of your visit to China.
  2. The application must be made to the nearest visa center. Our Chinese lawyers can provide support.
  3.  Your personal identification documents plus passport-size photos are solicited for visa application.
  4. The immigration authorities will ask for specific forms to complete.
  5. Once the Chinese visa is issued, South African citizens will be notified.

Instead of dealing on your own with the visa process for moving to China from South Africa, you should hire the services of our law firm in China. You can discuss all the legal aspects and handle the formalities for visa applications. Durban, Cape Town, and Johannesburg are cities where Chinese Visa Application Centers are found.

If you want to immigrate to China, do not hesitate to send us your inquiries.

Other visa requirements for South African citizens

The Chinese visa application requires full attention, so the legal support of a specialist in immigration is required who can help South African citizens throughout the entire visa process. Besides having a valid passport for at least 6 months, a health certificate validated by an authority in China is required. It is important to note that citizens without a clear criminal record are not accepted in China. Plus, the Chinese authorities have the power to verify the criminal background of visa applicants from South Africa. Instead of dealing with a possible visa rejection due to improper applications in terms of formalities and documents, you should ask for the legal support offered by a Chinese attorney. Our advisors can also help foreigners start a business in China.

If you have any questions on how to move to China, please refer to our lawyers.

Types of visas in China

Tourist visas, business visas, student visas, and work visas are available for South African citizens who want to relocate to China for different reasons. In the case of a Chinese work visa or the Z visa, a citizen from South Africa must have a sponsor, and that is the company that hired him/her. Plus, an invitation letter is also solicited, in the case of tourist visa applications. All the legal aspects of Chinese visas can be explained by our lawyers in China.

We are at the service of people from all over the world who want to move to China.

Registration of South African citizens in China

Besides obtaining the necessary visa to enter China, South Africans must pay attention to other formalities too. For instance, once they enter China, they need to register with the authorities in no more than 24 hours. This means that the South Africa national must register with a local police station or at the hotel accommodation, at the time of check-in. One should note that the Chinese authorities are very strict when it comes to foreigners entering the country, and those failing to register can pay fines or be sent to jail. Feel free to ask for legal advice and support if you are interested in a visa for China.

If you decide to immigrate to China from South Africa, you can count on our lawyers.

Choosing our lawyers for immigrating to China

Our team of lawyers with experience in the immigration field in China is at the disposal of foreigners, including South Africans who want to enter this country. There are many immigration aspects covered by our specialists, so legal advice is recommended in order to avoid any mistakes. You can rely on professionalism, experience, dedication, and proficiency when working with our immigration experts. Here are some interesting facts and figures about the population of China:

  1. According to worldometers.info, China has a population of approximately 1,4 billion people.
  2. China ranks number 1 in the world, by population.
  3. About 60% of the Chinese population is urban.
  4. According to the same statistics, China represents 19% of the world’s population.

Citizens from South Africa who want to relocate to China can contact our Chinese lawyers for legal advice and assistance. The visa application process is straightforward, yet it is highly recommended to have legal support by your side.