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Legal Assistance for Trading in China

Legal Assistance for Trading in China

The Chinese Commercial Law has many regulations that must be kept in mind when foreign investors decide to do business in China. Most of the investments are related to commercial contracts and economic aspects in China and also to business entities that are about to perform trading activities here. 

Our Chinese lawyers will offer legal assistance for trading in China for both local and foreign entrepreneurs by guiding them through the provisions of the Commercial Code.

Types of services provided by our lawyers in China

China’s trading laws have been adapted in order to attract more foreign investors and the country even modernized its legal practices to align to the international standards.

Lawyers play a vital role in the business environment and this is why you can count on our Chinese attorneys legal assistance for several of the following business processes and activities:

• resolving disputes in China or with Chinese enterprises;

• doing business relations with Chinese companies;

• investing in a Chinese company;

• protecting and enforcing IP (industrial property) rights in China;

• establishing a subsidiary in China;

• registering and enforcing trademarks;

• pros and cons of joint ventures;

• sourcing from and distributing in China;

• paying taxes efficiently and compliantly;

• avoiding criminal punishment for debts etc.

Whether seeking to establish manufacturing facilities in China to produce for export or to source from China, to sell products or services on the domestic market, or just to act as a link between China and the outside world, our clients from all over the globe will benefit from legal assistance for trading in China.

Provisions of commercial contract in China

When it comes to performing trading activities in China, all businesses must be carried out through a commercial contract, which states obligations of both trading parties. Our lawyers in China advise you to include dispute resolution clauses and governing law clauses in the contract, to plan in advance in what way both parties want any disputes to be resolved. 

Chinese law restricts both the types of resolution mechanisms and the choice of law that can be used in Chinese commercial contracts; you need legal assistance for trading in China from our Chinese attorneys so that the contract is drafted carefully, in the local language. A commercial contract should also stipulate that the company will have to make use of the litigation procedure and the parties will resolve the case through the court system in China.

Please contact our law firm in China for more detailed procedures on legal assistance for trading in China.