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Obtain Information about a Company in China

Obtain Information about a Company in China

Foreign investors in China often need to obtain information about a Chinese company with which they are doing business or with which they are willing to form a business partnership. Information about companies is also useful when dealing with a trademark infringement case.

Although the language might be a barrier when searching local databases for companies, with the right help an investor in China can find useful information about other legal entities incorporated in China. Our Chinese law firm offers various services and can help you find information about a Chinese company.

Basic Chinese company information

Companies incorporated in China are required to disclose certain public information and these can be searched via an electronic database belonging to the local authorities, where the registration was made. The databases belonging to the State Administration of Industry and Commerce are only available in Chinese, this is why it is advisable to seek professional help when trying to conduct a company search in China.

The public information included in the available registries contains, among others:

– if the company is registered in China;

– type of company;

– the legal representative of the company;

– business scope;

– the address of the company and other identification details.

The advantages of performing a company search in China

The information that can be found after a basic company search can  be useful in many business situations. Investors might want to verify the existence of a Chinese company before signing a contract or establishing a business partnership. However, in most cases, the simple database search will not be enough to reveal all the necessary information about a company, such as its financial situation.

In order to make sure that the company you are dealing with is not risking bankruptcy or liquidation, our attorneys in China can perform a complete company due diligence procedure. This is an in depth analysis into the company profile and financial history and it is particularly useful before deciding on any mergers or acquisitions in China.

If you want to obtain information about a Chinese company and need specialized assistance, please feel free to contact our Chinese law firm in Shanghai.