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Open a Transporting and Storage Company in China

Open a Transporting and Storage Company in China

China is a large exporter and a solid business center which offers a multitude of possibilities for both local and entrepreneurs from abroad. The air, land and maritime transportation in China is strongly related to the appreciated and developed infrastructure. Because China has connections worldwide, investors can set up a transporting and storage company, in agreement with the provisions of the Road Transportation Law and the shipping legislation, and can perform activities in this prolific sector. The legal terms and conditions can be completely explained by our Chinese lawyers who can also help individuals set up their companies.

Types of transportation companies in China

The proper infrastructure in China stands at the base of numerous transporting and storage companies. If you want to set up a business in the transportation field, it is recommended to decide on the type of activities you wish to carry out in China. For instance, a transporting business can develop only in Mainland China or can expand outside by offering services from China to other states. Entrepreneurs can also choose both variants for this business and can serve clients with logistics and storage facilities, in a form of a complete package. The transporting company can offer complete services by air, sea or land within China or beyond borders.

The main business entity through which a transporting and storage company can be registered in China is the WFOE (wholly foreign-owned enterprise) which is available for entrepreneurs from overseas. Even though China has an extensive transportation sector, companies of such kind are welcomed in the country. It is good to know and analyze the market demands in this sector because a transporting company can also offer storage services. If you want to know how you can set up your business and what the requirements are, we suggest you talk to our attorneys in China.

Why you should open a transporting and storage company in China

Opening a business in China’s freight sector must comply with the requirements of the Ministry of Railways and related government-owned companies like China Railway Special Cargo Service Company, China Railways Container Transport Company, and Parcel Express. The past decades have proved fruitful for China’s transportation field because there are numerous large corporations with activities in this country and in search of a suitable transporting and storage company. Because the imports and exports in China are part of the overall prolific economy, investors can analyze the business opportunities and set up transportation companies for a wide range of goods. Also, due to a multitude of requests in this direction, such business can add the storage facilities for their clients. 

We invite you to contact our law firm in China for legal assistance and complete information about how you can open a transporting and storage company in China.