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Open a Travel Agency in China

Open a Travel Agency in China

A travel agency in China is often on the list of foreign investors who would like to enter a particular business segment without having to think of complex formalities. The proper business structure, in this case, is the wholly foreign-owned enterprise or WFOE as it is known because it has a simple structure which blends with most of the operations and which offers complete control in the firm. Our Chinese lawyers specialized in company formation are at the disposal of entrepreneurs from abroad who would like to open a travel agency in China and who are interested in information and guidance in this matter.

How can I register a travel agency in China?

There are a few requirements to consider when opening a travel agency in China, and among these, the following are of high importance:

  • • you need to receive the approval from China National Tourism Administration in order to set up the travel agency;
  • • CNY 300,000 is the necessary capital for opening a travel agency in China;
  • • your travel agency will run under the rules of a WFOE in China;
  • • the registration for taxes and social contributions are the next step in forming the agency.

With a wide experience in business formation, our lawyers in China are at the disposal of foreign entrepreneurs interested in opening a travel agency in China. We can manage the formalities in matters of documents with the entitled authorities, among which, the Trade Register.

What are the activities of a travel agency in China?

travel agency in China can perform inbound operations and address to tourists who want to travel and discover China. Outbound tourism directs to both foreigners and nationals who want to travel outside Chinese borders. Also, the owner of a travel agency can decide on domestic tourism activities which involve Chinese citizens looking to travel within the territory of China. As soon as you decide on the type of operations you would like to develop in the tourism sector in China, the next thing to do is to register the travel agency.

The Travel Agency Regulations

Since 2009, the Travel Agency Regulations have supervised the activities in this branch, especially the ones involving foreign investors. This set of law protects the legal rights of tourists, travel agencies and the tourism industry, in compliance with the business laws applicable in China (the Company Act, the Competition Law, the Antitrust Act). The same important set of laws mentions that the travel agencies in China can develop inbound and outbound tourism, can book transportation tickets, apply for visas on behalf of clients, reserve accommodations and offer support for companies looking for conference related services. 

It is good to know that foreign investors in China have the same rights as the nationals when it comes to establishing a travel agency in China, meaning that the capital requirements do not differ. 

Legal requirements for opening a travel agency in China

A series of regulations should be taken into consideration at the time you wish to set up a travel agency in China. Among these, such a business cannot activate on the market without a fixed office with a lease of at least one year with the possibility of renewing the rental contract. Also, your business place will have to provide the needed facilities like phone and fax numbers, computers and the internet. The registered capital of CNY 300,000 represents the mandatory rule when deciding for a travel agency in China. Knowing the business legislation in China and having an idea about the regulations in each domain will definitely help a foreign investor decide on the business he/she wants. The same thing is available for entrepreneurs wanting to develop their operations in the tourism sector with the help of a travel agency. You are invited to address your inquiries to our team of attorneys in China and find out more details about how you can open a travel agency in China, in respect with the applicable legislation in this country.

Do I need approvals from SAIC for my travel agency in China?

Yes, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce or SAIC as it is known is the institution that approves the business name of your travel agency in China. Just like any other company, the Articles of Association will represent the main documents of your business, with information about the owners and their responsibilities in the firm. It is good to know that the State Administration of Foreign Exchange will deal with the foreign companies looking to open a temporary bank account for foreign currency.

Let us remind you that you can contact our law firm in China and ask for legal assistance and information if you would like to set up a travel agency in China.