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Private Equity in China

Private Equity in China

Foreign investors interested in investing in private equity in China should know that this market has shown an important development in the last years. As an effect of the economic development, the Chinese private equity market is expected to grow in the near future. A fund is an entity set up by investors in order to use their capital to receive investments; the main activity of a fund consists of creating investment opportunities in the name of the investors. Private equity is based under a partnership formed by investors and investment managersOur law firm in China can provide you with the legislation available for investment funds and private equity

Private equity market in China 

The private equity market industry in China is appealing to foreign investors as there are very good financial prospects in the field. In 2014, local and foreign investors who have invested in private equity have experienced very good financial outcomes

At the level 2014, funds in China and Asian region have experienced financial growth and, as such, the investors received $ 1.20 for each dollar invested in the private equity. If you are interested in setting up a fund in China, our Chinese law firm can offer you consultations of this matter. 

Funds and private equity in China 

With a developing market in terms of private equity, the Chinese authorities have given new laws and regulatory procedures for setting up a fund in China. General partners involved in a private equity contract have now a regulatory framework for private equity registration and obligations. 

 In 2014, private equity companies reported a financial increase with a total value of $14.2 billion; compared to 2013, the private equity market increased its value by 31%.

A market study performed in 2014 on private equity investors in China and Asian region revealed that investors in such companies are more confident to conduct business here and that 76% of them have high expectations on the potential of their investments

If you need further information on the private equity companies in China, please contact our Chinese law firm for consultations or legal representation.