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Relocate a Company in China

Relocate a Company in China

Relocating a company means the transfer of departments of a business and its employees to a new location. China is a good opportunity for relocating a company, since is the fastest growing emerging market and the largest economy on the globe. It offers a great entrepreneurial economy for expanding businesses and sets the global benchmark for prices. In addition, China has suppliers that ask their bigger clients to set up a business here.

If you are interested in relocating your company to China, please contact our Chinese lawyers to guide you in the process.

Steps to take when relocating a company in China

First of all, when you decide to relocate a company in China, it’s recommended that you use relocation services which are part of professional relocation associations. Also, you should ask at least three of them for a quote. In order to make the right choice and suitable to your company’s needs, please contact our law firm in China for further information. 

The price for basic relocation services is in general low and it will depend on your destination city, on the agency and the type of services they offer.

Our attorneys in China will guide you through the matter so that expanding your business in China is as manageable as possible.

You must know that a relocation package can usually include: 

• review procedures with transferee and collect all the required data;

• coordinate visa application process;

• track and report visa and work permit expiration and renewal dates;

• coordinate an accompanied city orientation tour;

• area tours and discussing residential areas, transportation, healthcare and amenities;

• provide relevant location info and specific;

• registering with the police;

• obtaining a residency permit;

• obtaining a health insurance; 

• opening a bank account;

• communication services (mobile phone, internet access) etc.

How to obtain a visa when relocating your company in China

The demand for Chinese visas has grown rapidly over the past few years, which is good news for entrepreneurs expanding a business in China. There is a Chinese Visa Application Service which is responsible for mediating visa application for visits or passport-holding citizens.

After you have been approved by China’s public security board for Chinese residency on a full-time basis, the following documents are needed for obtaining a visa: 

• Original passport with more than six months remaining before expiration and with sufficient blank pages left;

• The completed application with a recent passport photo;

• The original documentation of approval of the applicant’s permanent residence in China.

Please contact our lawyers in China for further information if you want to relocate a company in China