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Set up a Company in Shanghai

Set up a Company in Shanghai

Shanghai is one of the major commercial centers in Mainland China established in 1927 (the name dates from the 11th century) and a strategic location in the east of China Sea, where numerous ports deal with all sorts of local and international trading activities. A popular and representative city like Shanghai is appreciated by foreign investors who want to expand their businesses in China or decide to start a new one. Our Chinese lawyers can help any entrepreneurs register a company in Shanghai and can explain the legislation in this matter.

Steps in opening a company in Shanghai

The shipping sector in Shanghai is one of the most profitable ones, as there are many companies which use the sea transport to carry their products on the Chinese market or from China to any other country around the world. Your company may perform shipping activities once you have decided on the type of business you want to establish (wholly-foreign owned enterprise, joint venture or partnership), the name and the import and export licenses issued by the China Foreign Trade, Customs Registration & Export License. Please consider the following documents and matters when setting up a company in Shanghai:

•    register the name of the company;

•    prepare the articles of association;

•    register for VAT and other social contribution purposes;

•    apply for the necessary licenses and permits;

•    open a bank account and provide the minimum share capital.

If you want legal advice in matters of registering a company in Mainland China, we mention that our attorneys in China are here to offer the necessary information. Opening a company in Shanghai can be a suitable and profitable option for both local or foreign investors, considering that China is the worlds’ major producer of any kind of goods, no matter the industry.

Why open a company in Shanghai, China?

Shanghai means “Upon the Sea” and was a city built on the sea when Song Dynasty ruled the country in the 11th century. It represents China’s major city, where all kinds of activities are performed in varied industries like fishing, agriculture, real estate, engineering, transportation and so on. There is an optimal business environment for any kind of investors in a city which expands on a daily basis. Your attention may be directed to the stock exchange in Shanghai, one of the reliable and sustainable markets on an international plan, where investors can invest with the help of Chinese shares or funds which are traded in the U.S. The potential is huge, as such investments generate money in a short period of time, if the market was properly researched before any movement.

Your company in Shanghai can be a successful one, if you ask for suitable help, therefore, we recommend you contact our law firm in China for business consulting, financial planning and company registration.