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Immigrate to Shenzhen

Immigrate to Shenzhen

China has become an attractive place to live and work for foreigners, with Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, and Shenzhen among the most popular destinations. This being said, foreigners seeking to move to Shenzhen for employment must apply for a Z visa and observe all of the accompanying requirements after they arrive, which is frequently a tough procedure to navigate.

It is advisable that you move to Shenzhen via a firm that specializes in immigration procedures. So, you are welcome to get in touch with our law firm in China. Our lawyers will provide you with comprehensive guidance in this regard. Knowing what documents are necessary is always a good idea because each city or province has its own set of rules. So, to save your time, you are welcome to interact with our immigration lawyers in China. They will guide you related to Shenzhen immigration. Furthermore, our skilled lawyers can also assist you if you want to apply for a residence permit in China

Visas in Shenzhen 

If you want to move to Shenzhen, you can find a detailed guide about visas below:

  • L class visa (tourist visa): Used for single tourism trips in China. These visas typically only last for 1 or 3 months and allow for a single or restricted number of entries into mainland China. These visa holders are not permitted to work or conduct business while on this visa;
  • F class visa (business visa): The purpose of this visa is to conduct business in China. Enterprise is defined as delivering a service or product for which no reimbursement is received in China. These visas are generally given for 3, 6, or 12 months with a defined stay restriction of 14, 30, 60, 90, or 120 days and limited, multiple, or unlimited repeated entries (the visa holders must exit after the set period of days stated as maximum stay on the visa they are holding);
  • Z class visa: This visa is for those sponsored by a recognized Chinese enterprise. These are pretty difficult to get because they involve extensive documentation. They are, nevertheless, absolutely required if you are getting paid. These usually are required to be renewed every year by the employer with a new contract. So, if you are planning for  Shenzhen immigration on this visa, you can trust the legal services of our lawyers for documentation;
  • Visas F, L, G, C, and J-2: Foreigners with visas F, L, G, C, and J-2 are allowed to stay in China for the duration of their visa. Please apply for a visa extension through the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau’s Entry-Exit Administration Department if you need to extend your stay.

Foreigners with visas Z, X, and J-1 must get a residency permit from the Entry-Exit Administration Department of the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau within 30 days after entering China. Foreigners who desire to work or study in the Nanshan district of Shenzhen must first apply to the Nanshan Public Security Branch and get a resident qualification before applying for a residence permit at the Municipal Bureau. Foreigners having a valid residence permit are not required to apply for a visa to leave or enter China. For further information regarding how to move to Shenzhen as a foreigner, you can rely on our knowledgeable lawyers. 

Besides immigration to Shenzhen, if you are interested in buying land in China, our lawyers can help you. They will provide you with comprehensive assistance about where foreigners can purchase property in China

Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Visa

Visa on arrival in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Visa is offered at border crossings like Luohu for certain passport holders. A single-entry, short-stay (typically 3-5 days) visa allows you to depart through the same port as you entered. If you want to move to Shenzhen on this visa, please find guidance below:

  1. When applying for a tourist visa to Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, foreigners with standard passports should complete the visa application form;
  2. Present the form and passport to the visa officer, who will ask you questions (maybe about the reason for immigration to Shenzhen);
  3. Beginning on the date of issuance, the tourist visa to the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone shall be valid for five days and one entrance. If visa holders depart the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone during the five days, the visa would be void;
  4. Visa fees shall be paid following the national reciprocity principle.

In addition to  Shenzhen immigration, you can get legal assistance from our lawyers if you are planning to apply for Chinese citizenship. Their legal guidance can help you apply and get citizenship in China efficiently. 

Penalties for illegal acts and overstaying in China

Before you plan for immigration to Shenzhen, it is essential to note that you must observe the law. If you perform illegal activities or overstay in the country, you will have to face the following penalties:

  • Visitors/workers who stay in China unlawfully may get a warning, be fined 5005,000 yuan, or be jailed for 310 days, and be compelled to leave the country;
  • Visitors who participate in illegitimate work may face fines of up to 1,000 yuan and expulsion from China;
  • Those who hire workers without permission risk being fined 5,000 to 50,000 yuan and required to pay for their repatriation.

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