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Wealth Management in China

Wealth Management in China

Wealth management in China is a method of enhancing one’s assets and preparing an efficient retirement plan. A financial adviser is usually the one to provide these types of consultative services. Asset management is as much suited for high-income individuals as it is for other types of people.

Our law firm in China can offer you integrated financial solutions for your assets. The range of products and services that qualify as wealth management instruments varies and it depends primarily on the needs of the client.

Fund and wealth management in China

The bank wealth management products are regulated in China through a Notification issued in March 2013. We can help you understand the characteristics of these widespread financial instruments in China: why investors prefer them, how these products have low risk and stable returns and what major Chinese banks provide such services.

Our agents will develop the best financial protection plan according to your personal and/or business needs. Private wealth management and family wealth management are also available for individuals who want to make sure that their assets are protected.

Wealth management services in China

Our law firm in China will provide you a wide range of legal services such as:

retirement planning;

– efficient life insurance;

– emergency deposits;

– risk management;

setting up trusts;

wealth manager will take into account all of your business and personal plans for the future. Maybe you want to set up a fund for your children so they can go to college? A financial planner will be able to balance your investment goals and also help you deposit your assets in banks that are safe.

Companies in China will often look to set up alternative investment vehicles such as trusts. Our experts will be able to advise you on the best way to manage your company assets.

If you need expert counselling, advice and services in wealth management, you can contact our attorneys in China. Our consultants will also be able to help you with company management and business consulting in China.