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About us

Our experts from Tannet Group Limited offer a wide range of services for foreign entrepreneurs interested in doing business in this country that provides interesting opportunities for expanding a business, on a new market. Do you need to open a company in China? We will help you choose the type of firm that suits best to your business needs and then we will incorporate it, without the necessity of your presence, in person, in China.

If you need to liquidate your company or to recover a debt, you may contact us for legal assistance and representation in front of the local authorities. Tannet Group Limited offers legal advice for mergers and acquisitions, help the foreign investors obtain special permits and licenses and help minimize the amount of taxes they have to pay to the public budget in a legal way.

Tannet Group Limited offers business services since 1999 and since then, it provided complete support and professional advice to more than 60,000 clients from around 130 countries worldwide. Being oriented to mutual benefits, the business consultants at Tannet Group Limited developed an integrated business system comprising complete business solutions, incubation, operation, capital investment, and systematic management. The support offered by Tannet Group Limited is provided at a global scale and that is possible because we offered support for thousands of investors and entrepreneurs from countries like India, USA, Liechtenstein, France, Japan, Indonesia, Canada, Thailand, or Malaysia. 

Tannet Group Limited was established by Carlson Chan in 1999 and it is now a multi-national company with 12 administrative departments, 20 business development centers and 46 service outsourcing outlets. We offered business and legal services to over 60,000 clients from more than 130 countries.

Our services

The services provided by our lawyers in China are extended to different areas of interest. We can handle the following matters, providing legal support, assistance, and advice for:

  • Business formation and registration;
  • Visa application;
  • Tax compliance and registration;
  • Company registration with the entitled authorities;
  • Debt collection;
  • Land registry;
  • Business consulting;
  • Corporate and commercial services;
  • Company relocation;
  • Company litigation;
  • Company dissolution;
  • Company secretary;
  • Intellectual property;
  • Offshore investments. 

For information about fees and other legal services provided by us, you may contact our Chinese office.