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Copyright Law in China

Copyright Law in China

Local or foreign entrepreneurs with business activities in China that require the protection of a certain copyright should know the legislation in this sense. The People’s Republic of China enacted its first Copyright Law in September 1990. The law has been further amended with new provisions and in 2003 the National Copyright Administration enacted new measures for penalties on the infringements of the law. Foreign investors who want to receive an in-depth presentation on the copyright legislation applicable in China can request for assistance from our team of Chinese attorneys.

Copyright in China  

Copyright refers to the rights to which the creator of a specific work (which has to be an original creation) is entitled to. Copyright is designated to protect any form of intellectual property, which can be represented by photographs, music and other types of intellectual creations which are the result of a person’s intellectual work

Businessmen who represent companies that may produce any type of intellectual property are advised to protect the creation against third parties infringements. The copyright legislation allows the protection of the work, ensuring that the respective work can’t be copied or used by other parties in order to obtain financial gains; our Chinese lawyers can provide more information on this matter. 

Works protected by the copyright law in China 

According to the field of activity, an entrepreneur is entitled to protect his intellectual property, which covers a wide area of products/works. 

The Copyright legislation in China protects the following types of works: 

• books, articles, essays, poems and lyrics;

• songs and songs recordings;

• plays, film scripts, choreography; 

• television programs;

• drawings, paintings, photographs and sculptures;

• computer programs and games;

• graphic designs, architectural drawings, 2D and 3D art;

• original expressions. 

Copyright registration in China 

In order to protect an original work, the creator is advised to register the work at the Copyright Protection Center of China; the applicant can submit the application form on the on-line platform of the institution. After the Center will assess the application, the owner will receive a Copyright Registration Certificate

If you need further information on the copyright legislation applicable in China, please contact our team of Chinese lawyers for legal assistance on the protection of an intellectual property right.