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Immigrate to China from US

Immigrate to China from US

There are many business possibilities in China for many entrepreneurs interested in generating profits in this part of Asia. Citizens from USA must comply with the immigration rules of China. Moreover, US nationals can get in touch with our Chinese lawyers and solicit complete legal advice and assistance for relocating to China. If interested in starting a business in China or you need information about how to immigrate to China, feel free to discuss with us all the formalities.

Our lawyers are at your service if you want to move to China from USA.

Types of visas for US citizens entering China

Citizens from USA interested in traveling or who want to immigrate to China should pay attention to the visa requirements in this matter. The 10-year multiple-entry visa is available to those who want to enter China, Hong Kong, and Macau. However, it is also required to own a valid visa to exit China, as the immigration rules in this matter are quite strict. Here are the main Chinese visas to consider:

  1. The business visa – the M type visa is issued for trade or business activities, while the F type visa is required for US citizens who are interested in study tours, cultural or scientific exchanges, lectures, or investigations.
  2. The student visa – US students attending colleges in China for less than 6 months must apply for this kind of visa.
  3. Work visa – the Z visa is issued under certain conditions, like having a sponsor which is normally the company that hires the US citizen. A temporary residence permit will then be issued.
  4. The transit visa – US citizens transiting China must apply for this kind of visa. This is also known as the G visa.
  5. The tourist visa – this is the L visa that has a validity of 2 years, and that allows US citizens to freely travel in most of the Chinese regions.

The Chinese visa application can be made in person or represented with a power of attorney. It is important to note that the visa applications made via email are not accepted. You can talk to one of our lawyers in China for all the aspects referring to immigration in China.

If you want to move to China from the United States, you can rely on our specialists.

 What are the eligibility criteria for moving to China?

The eligibility criteria are imposed depending on the duration of the stay in China. The main obligation is to obtain permanent residency in China, in respect with a few requirements. The applicants must have a clear criminal record and provide information about the financial status. Persons with a full-time job in China must obtain the permanent residence in China. Business persons from USA who make investments for at least 3 consecutive years are eligible for permanent residency in China. All the aspects related to relocating to China can be discussed with one of our Chinese attorneys.

You can direct your inquiries to our team and let us help you with the formalities when immigrating to China if you are from US. Here are a few formalities to consider:

  • • A certificate showing a clear criminal record, authenticated by the embassy or consulate is required.
  • • A health certificate issued by a medical institute and validated by the Chinese consulate is needed.
  • • The US citizen must have a valid passport.
  • • The application for permanent residency can be made in person or by a representative with a power of attorney.

Our lawyers are at the service of all persons who want to move to China and need assistance. We  can help you immigrate to China in the shortest time possible. 

What US citizens must do after entering China

Citizens from US relocating to China must follow a few steps right after they enter China. First of all, there is the obligation of registering with the Chinese police within 24 hours of the entry. Otherwise, US nationals can pay fines or be deported right away. There is also the obligation of permanently having the identification documents, wherever you may go in China. The Chinese authorities and even administrators and other officials have the right to check if your visa is still valid. Also, it is important to note that China does not recognize the dual nationality, therefore, one must present an American passport and a valid visa for China. All the details you need to know about moving to China from US can be offered by our team of lawyers in China who can also assist you throughout the entire formalities to enter this country. We have also gathered facts and figures about moving to China that you might find it interesting:

  1. There are more than 1.4 billion people living in China.
  2. Around 95 million people were foreign nationals in China in 2018, according to merics.org.
  3. Citizens from US, Korea, Vietnam, Russia, the Middle East, Latin America, Europe, and Australia are part of the immigrants in China.

US nationals who want to immigrate to China are recommended to ask for legal advice and support from a Chinese lawyer. You can contact us at any time, as we can assist you throughout the procedures involved.