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Lawyers in Shanghai

Lawyers in Shanghai

Whether you are a foreigner or a local individual, you are welcome to interact with our lawyers in Shanghai. They will not only provide you with legal guidance and also represent your cases in the court of law.

Civil legal services provided by our lawyers in Shanghai

In civil cases, both natural and legal persons may receive assistance from our Shanghai law firm. A lawyer’s expertise is frequently required in matters involving marriage, power of attorney, preparing a will, obtaining a birth certificate or acquiring a residence permit. In Shanghai, our legal services can include representation for cases involving financial issues. Clients may require help managing their wealth, concluding a rental agreement, registering land, buying a property in China, or performing real estate due diligence.

For all these services, you are recommended to get in touch with our lawyers in Shanghai. They can provide you with detailed and practical legal assistance in these matters.

Immigrate to Shanghai with the help of our lawyers

Most probably, if you are moving to Shanghai, you will need a visa. Before relocating to Shanghai, expats typically apply for one of four basic categories of visas: tourist, student, business, and work visas. Depending on why you visit Shanghai, you need to apply for a suitable kind of visa. It is advisable to seek legal assistance if you are planning to relocate to Shanghai. The immigration lawyers at our Shanghai law firm can help you with the whole process.

Acquire Shanghai residence with the help of our lawyers

Regional variations exist in the requirements for attaining permanent residency in China. Large cities like Shanghai and Beijing introduced new regulations that broaden the eligibility requirements and minimize the time it takes to apply. The first application processing period was reduced from 180 to 90 days in Shanghai that is also the first city to implement the new regulations. Additional five categories of eligible foreigners were also accepted.

Thirteen different groups of people can now apply for permanent residency in Shanghai. They can be broadly divided into four categories: direct relatives of Chinese citizens or foreigners with permanent residency in China, foreign talents, foreign investors, and foreign personnel holding prominent positions in enterprises. If you are among these categories and interested in obtaining residence, you can get in touch with our Chinese lawyers. The experts at our Shanghai law firms can help you with your residency application.

Dispute resolution and litigation

Our Shanghai lawyers provide professional legal insight on conflict management. They are available to assist with a variety of insurance and reinsurance-related matters, including class actions, trade and transportation, lawsuits, international and local arbitration, directors’ obligations, and regulatory compliance. Our lawyers can also assist you in cases related to professional indemnity, product liability, medical malpractice, real estate, construction, insolvency, and tax matters. They offer advice on all facets of handling commercial disputes. They can make appearances before courts and arbitrations. Additionally, our lawyers in Shanghai offer counsel on all facets of conflict resolution and litigation, including:

  • Risk reduction and management;
  • Effective dispute resolution clause drafting;
  • Negotiations to settle or reduce contentious claims;
  • Mediation with expert authorized specialists;
  • Provide advice on trade agreements and treaties;
  • Represent clients in arbitrations and mediations;
  • Appoint arbitrators;
  • Handle situations ranging from arbitration awards to significant litigation;
  • Manage complex litigation and inquiries.

Besides all these legal services, if you need assistance with your citizenship application, you can consult with our lawyers.

Legal assistance in intellectual property issues

Foreign investors in China are very concerned about privacy and counterfeiting. Our lawyers in Shanghai can provide legal guidance to them on matters involving: patents, trademarks, copyrights, integrated circuit design, trade secrets, and internet-related challenges. Our Shanghai lawyers work with clients to develop and implement intellectual property protection plans as well as risk analyses linked to intellectual property infringement. The intellectual property work of our expert lawyers located at our Shanghai law firms covers the following:

  • Preparing and submitting IP applications and registrations;
  • IP rights transfer and licensing;
  • Create and discuss agreements for IP licenses or franchises;
  • Development of IP rights protection mechanisms;
  • IP rights infringement investigations and claim resolution, etc.

If you have any other matter to discuss with our lawyers in Shanghai regarding intellectual property, you can get in touch with our lawyers without any hesitation.

Understand taxation in Shanghai with the help of our lawyers

It is crucial to comply well with the tax regulations in a foreign state to avoid any complications. Because any misconduct in this regard might cause serious consequences. So, please find below the rates of different taxes in Shanghai:

  • All businesses, whether they are Chinese or foreign-owned, are subject to the corporate income tax (CIT). It is assessed at a rate of 25% on business profits;
  • China has VAT rates of 6%, 10%, and 16% in 2022, depending on the goods and services involved;
  • A 10% withholding tax (WHT) is applied on foreign enterprises that have no establishment in China, however, this is the reduced rate. Whereas, the higher rate is 20%.

You can get in touch with our lawyers if you need comprehensive assistance about taxation in Shanghai. Please contact our lawyers in Shanghai for detailed guidance.