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Obtain Birth Certificate in China

Obtain Birth Certificate in China

Chinese birth certificate serves as a person’s record of birth, proof of citizenship, and the registration of residence. There are two types of birth certificates in China. The first type is the medical certificate of birth issued by the Public Health Department and the second kind is the notarial birth certificate released by the Local Notarial Office. Birth registration is an important tool in the Chinese government’s policy on household management. A person’s birth certificate also implies that civil rights have been acquired by him/her. Birth registration must be done at the Household Registration Department of China and the green birth certificate is the official document representing birth registration and is the only evidence accepted by the Public Security Bureau. Our lawyers in China can guide you on how to obtain your birth certificate.

Steps for acquiring the birth certificate in China

There are a few steps to follow in order to obtain a Chinese birth certificate. The first step is to identify the place of birth of the applicant. A person cannot just apply for a birth certificate in any place. The application must be done at the birthplace of the applicant. The second step is to find the Local Notarial Office. Each Local Notarial Office covers a specific jurisdiction and only those born in such areas are eligible to apply with the specific office. Once you have located the appropriate Local Notarial Office, the next step is to fill out the application form and submit the required documents. You need to submit:

  • • the applicant’s identification card (name, birthplace, nationality);
  • • the birth verification documentation (name, nationality, ethnicity);
  • • the identification cards of the applicant’s parents;
  • • documents showing the place of birth (the city, the hospital or clinic).

A processing fee also has to be paid. After all the requirements have been observed, the Local Notarial Office will review the papers and the applicant has to wait for their decision. If everything is complete, the Local Notarial Office will then issue a signed and stamped certificate of birth. The processing time is different from office to office and will depend mostly on the population covered within its jurisdiction. The associates in our law firm in China have assisted numerous clients in obtaining their birth certificates

We can also assist in matters to immigration to China for family members born outside the country.

Urban and rural birth certificates of China

Unlike in other countries, the Chinese birth certificate is used to identify whether a person is from the urban or rural areas. That is why it is important to identify the birthplace of the applicant prior to obtaining a birth certificate in China. The distinction is important because this will be the basis for the allocation of benefits and resources. Our attorneys in China can give you more information regarding urban and rural birth certificates.

How can I obtain a birth certificate if I don’t live in China?

Chinese citizens who live abroad and need a copy of their birth certificates can get in touch with the embassy in the city they live, but most important, it is recommended to address such inquiry to our attorneys in China for legal support and assistance. All the legal requirements for obtaining a copy of the birth certificate can be handled by our team of advisors.

You can also get in touch with our immigration lawyers in China if you are interested in moving here.

A notarized birth certificate to obtain the work visa in China

Foreigners interested in working in China should know that a work visa is mandatory. The authenticated birth certificate is on the list of documents which are necessary for obtaining such a visa. Dealing with misunderstandings, especially the ones related to the language or legal terms when asking for a notarized birth certificate might be time-consuming, but you can get in touch with our Chinese lawyers for extensive assistance and information about immigration to China.

What is the necessary information for issuing a birth certificate in China?

All birth certificates in China comprise information like the place and location of birth, nationality, ethnicity and the age of the parents, plus data about the health status, name, gender and the time of birth of the child. We remind that the birth certificates in China are issued in respect with the Law on the Peoples Republic of China on Maternal and Infant Health Care. These are the legal medical evidence linked to the registration of new-born babies in China.

Electronic birth certificates have been introduced in China

The electronic birth certificate has been recently introduced in China and it can be used just like the paper version, having the same official status. The newly-introduced system issues both variants of the birth certificate, on a digital form and on a paper. The electronic copies of the birth certificates in China can be legally used, as there are no restrictions on this matter. We kindly invite you to talk to our team of lawyers in China and find out comprehensive information about the ways in which you can obtain a copy of your birth certificate if lost or deteriorated. We can handle the requirements with the entitled authorities and we can also help you matters or divorce procedures in China.

A lot of legal documents are involved when acquiring a birth certificate in China. Please contact our Chinese lawyers who can help you prepare them. You can also count on our immigration lawyers in China for support in relocation matters.