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Boat Registration in China

Boat Registration in China

The Ship Registration in China is the institution in charge with the boat registration procedure. It also respects the international laws and principles regarding the safety of the marine environment. Our Chinese lawyers can provide you with information and legal assistance if you are interested in registering a boat in China.

Necessary documents for boat registration in China

A Chinese citizen, a foreign company or a representative of a certain enterprise can properly register the boat, with the following documents:

• survey certificate;

• a copy of the declaration of boat marking in China;

• the filled application form;

• a declaration that shows the boat is not mortgaged;

• the document that shows the boat was bought on auction, or inherited;

• the sale bill of the boat.

• a copy of the owner’s ID or passport.

Keep in mind that you will also need to pay the taxes (about $4,000 at the beginning and $1,500 for the annual tax) in order to register the boat in China, and you cannot register the ship if a previous registration has been made. The ships used for business and private purposes can function without any restrictions, as long as they are registered with the Chinese Ship Register that deals with the rules and regulations in this matter.

What you need to know if you register a boat in China

If the documents are suitably prepared, with the help of your lawyer in China, the registration process of the boat can take about two or three hours. The registration certificate can be received after one week and contains the registration number, the name of the owner or representative, the origin of the boat, the value and other technical details. The registration certificate of the boat is available for five years starting from the day you submit the application form.

Who can register a boat in China?

First of all, the ship must be handled by a qualified person under a demise license and there is no condition that a boat held by an experienced individual must be disclosed in China. The qualified persons enter the following categories:

• an incorporated company in China;

• a Chinese citizen who lives in Hong Kong and has a valid identity card;

• a foreign company with a branch in China.

As a reminder, you can register your boat if you haven’t done this elsewhere, if it functions under a demise charter by a company, as a qualified person, or if you have a chosen representative for your boat.

You are invited to contact our law firm in China for extra details or information about how to register a boat in the country.