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Open a Retail Investment Fund in China

Open a Retail Investment Fund in China

type of investment fund which can be set up in China refers to the retail vehicle. The broad definition of a retail fund comprises any type of investment fund which is registered by retail investors, who do not have the quality of professional investors. An important aspect related to the retail investment market in China is that this field has been increasing in the last years, as the local authorities enacted various regulations to sustain this sector. Our team of lawyers in China can offer legal assistance on the legislation referring to the registration of a retail fund

Types of retail funds in China  

The retail investment funds in China are regulated under the Securities Investment Funds Law

Retail funds in China can be set up as open-ended or closed-ended, which refers to the amount of shares that can be issued through the fund. Moreover, these two types also establish the ways in which the investors can obtain their return on investment. In the case of open-ended funds, the procedure can be performed at any time, as opposed to the case of a closed-ended fund

Investment funds in China registered as retail vehicles can be set up as: 

• equity funds;

• money market funds;

• debt funds;

• hybrid funds; 

• qualified domestic institutional investor funds. 

Our team of attorneys in China can provide in-depth details on each of the above mentioned funds and can help investors choose an appropriate entity for their investment plans. 

Qualified domestic institutional investor (QDII) in China  

China enforced a new programme in 2016, the qualified domestic institutional investor (QDII), which allows the local institutional investors to invest in overseas markets

The programme addresses to: 

• commercial banks;

• insurance companies;

• security firms;

fund managers

This programme allowed the retail investors to be a part of the investments projects carried out on the offshore markets. 

Each of the above mentioned types of QDII is regulated by a different institution, which verifies the activities carried out through the fund

Businessmen who want to register a retail investment fund can address to our law firm in China for more details.