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Immigrate to China from Russia

Immigrate to China from Russia

China has risen to become one of the world’s most powerful economies. As a result, it began to draw more foreigners who wanted to immigrate to China from Russia. Before migrating to China, foreigners are required to acquire a visa as per their needs. In China, based on appropriate agreements and laws, there is also a visa-free exemption. Whereas, Russians do not fall under visa-free travel in China except if they are allowed a visa-free transit.

So, if you desire to move to China from Russia, our Chinese immigration attorneys can provide you with the necessary information on relocation rules and procedures. Because Russians are required to fulfill visa requirements for immigration purposes, it is recommended to avail of legal assistance to avoid any inconsistencies.

How to relocate to China from Russia?

Before you apply for a Chinese visa, you must first decide on the type of visa you want and ensure that you are familiar with the application process and required documentation. In lack of relocation knowledge, you can get in touch with our Chinese lawyers. They can provide you with comprehensive details regarding immigration to China from Russia. Regardless of how long you plan to remain, you must register with the police upon arrival. Individuals on long-term Chinese visas are required to get a residency permit. Please find below general information about visas and residency permits available in China. There are a variety of visas available for individuals who want to immigrate to China from Russia, including:

  • M visa: It is a business visa that allows a stay for 30-60 days;
  • F visa: This visa caters visit and study tours. It is available for 30-90 days;
  • S1 Visa: This visa is for non-residents visiting relatives in China. It allows a stay duration of more than 180 days;
  • S2 Visa: This visa is also for non-residents who want to move to China from Russia to meet relatives. It is valid for up to 180 days;
  • Q1 visa: It is for persons visiting a Chinese resident or native relative, the stay duration allowed under this visa type is more than 180 days;
  • Q2 visa: It is also for individuals who want to relocate to China from Russia to meet a native relative. It is valid for up to 180 days;
  • Z visa: It is a worker’s visa, which allows a stay in China for more than six months;
  • X1 visa: It is a student visa. You can apply for this visa if you want to immigrate to China from Russia and you want to stay longer than 180 days;
  • X2 visa: It is the same visa as X1, the only difference is that you can choose to immigrate to China from Russia if you want to stay for less than 180 days;
  • J1 visa: It is a foreign journalist visa. You can apply for this visa type if you are staying for longer than 180 days;
  • J2 visa: If your chosen period is less than 180 days in China for journalism, then you can apply for this visa type.

These are the general and work visas in China for which you can apply. If you need any additional information in this regard you can consult with our lawyers in China. They will help you to immigrate to China from Russia by providing you with practical assistance.

Furthermore, if you want to apply for citizenship once you relocate to China from Russia, you are welcome to get in touch with our skilled lawyers. They will help you in the citizenship application process. The legal tips by local lawyers can be proved more effective because they can help you much better to comply with the regulation to acquire Chinese citizenship.

Permanent residence in China

The term “permanent residency of foreigners in China” alludes to the fact that foreigners can stay in China for an indefinite amount of time. Aliens’ Certificate of Permanent Residency is a genuine identity card that may be used independently by the Russian nationals who have secured permanent residence. They do not require a visa to enter or depart China if they have valid passports and the Certificate of Permanent Residence of Aliens. The Certificate of Permanent Residence of Aliens has a five- or ten-year validity period. Russians under the age of 18 who are granted permanent residency shall be awarded five-year Certificates of Permanent Residence of Aliens. Whereas, the Russians granted permanent residency above the age of 18 shall be awarded Certificates of Permanent Residence of Aliens for ten years.

If you want to obtain permanent residency in China, you can avail of legal services from our attorneys. They can help in residency application and also guide you to the other requirements necessary to acquire residency in this country.

Immigrants in China

If you want to move to China from Russia, you can find below a constant surge in the number of immigrants in this country. The reason behind this massive relocation is the stable economy of this country. The immigration statistics in China from 2005 to 2015:

  • The number of Chinese immigrants in 2015 was 978,046 about 15.08 percent more from 2010;
  • In 2010, China’s welcomed 849,861 immigrants, 25.17 percent higher from 2005;
  • About 678,947 immigrants entered China in 2005, 33.64 percent more from 2000.

If you want to immigrate to China from Russiacontact our immigration lawyers. They will help in the thought procedure of relocation.

Furthermore, you can also rely on our lawyers if you want to buy a property in China. Our lawyers will provide you with information regarding the appropriate places where you can buy real estate in China.