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Set up a Company for Rental and Leasing Activities in China

Set up a Company for Rental and Leasing Activities in China

A large and appealing business market like the one in China is definitely on the list of foreign investors looking to explore the opportunities and to generate profits. A proper business idea might be represented by the activities which can be settled in the automotive sector and particularly the rental and leasing field. Our lawyers in China can help business persons from abroad with the legal requirements connected to the formation of a business, whether it is a joint stock, a limited liability company or a sole proprietorship.

What is the recommended structure for rental and leasing activities?

The proper business structure for starting the rental and leasing activities in China is the wholly foreign-owned enterprise or the WFOE as it is known, and it is directed strictly to investors from abroad who want to have complete ownership of their company. The registration of a WFOE in China starts with a name reservation and the needed approvals issued by the Trade Register through the local offices. Also, instead of opening the company from scratch and waiting for the formalities implied, a foreign investor can choose to purchase a ready-made company, already registered and ready for rental and leasing activities in China. Any kind of information related to the investments in China, including WFOEs or joint stocks can be received from our Chinese attorneys who can provide complete legal assistance.

What to consider when opening the company for rental and leasing activities in China

Once the documents of your company are concluded and registered with the entitled business divisions, the registration for tax purposes should be the next thing on the list. Also, the business owner needs to take into account a few aspects related to the rental and leasing operations in China, such as:

  • • a business office is necessary for further operations, plus a location for the fleet of cars;
  • • specific contracts need to be drafted and prepared for future business arrangements;
  • • a company owner dealing with rental and leasing activities in China needs to decide on the type of clients for which such services address;
  • • a marketing and promotional plan are often necessary for a company for rental and leasing activities, especially if it is new on the market.

Reasons for opening a company in the auto sector in China

company for rental and leasing activities in China can serve to a wide range of clients from abroad who are having businesses in China and who are looking for fast and reliable services on a short or on a long-term, observing the necessary licenses and permits for these operations. Moreover, such a business can successfully develop on the internet, offering the possibility of choosing the type of car and services before traveling abroad.

Starting a company in China as a foreigner requires complete attention and legal assistance which can be entirely offered by our law firm in China. Please contact us for legal assistance at any time.