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Immigrate to Shanghai

Immigrate to Shanghai

Shanghai is one of the world’s most populous megacities, and its population has doubled since 2000, thanks to its status as a major financial center and home to the world’s busiest port on the East China Sea’s coastlines. Thousands of expats from all over the globe relocate to Shanghai to work in international offices.

If you are planning about immigration to Shanghai, you can get in touch with our Shanghai law firm. They can provide you with comprehensive guidance regarding the types of visas, residence permits, and updated policies about immigration to Shanghai

Types of visas in Shanghai

If you plan for immigration to Shanghai, you will certainly require a visa. Tourist, student, business, and work visas are the four primary types of visas that expats typically seek before their relocation to Shanghai. Here is a general guidance available, and for detailed legal assistance you are welcome to interact with our Shanghai law firm. Depending on your visit, you will need to apply for the appropriate visa:

  • Visitor visa: It is given to visitors who intend to stay in Shanghai for a short period. Tourists must show proof of travel (a hotel reservation with specific dates) as well as a document proving that their bank account has sufficient funds.
  • Study visa: It is given to students enrolled in one of Shanghai’s institutions. The X1 and X2 visas are the two types of student visas available. With X1, you will be able to enter Shanghai or any other Chinese city several times and stay for an extended period to pursue courses and bachelor’s or master’s degrees at local universities. X2 is usually given for a single entrance and is valid for up to six months.
  • Business visa: This type of visa is appropriate for persons immigrating to Shanghai for business or commercial purposes. The number of entries and the validity period vary depending on the situation.
  • Work visa: You must first get a work permit from your company before applying for a work visa (Z). After immigration to Shanghai on a Z visa, you must register with the local police station to obtain a residency permit.

You can rely on our Chinese lawyers if you plan for immigration to Shanghai. They will explain to you if Shanghai implements or lifts the travel restrictions keeping in view the Covid-19 situation. 

Shanghai transit visa

You must arrive in one of the three municipalities: Shanghai, Jiangsu, or Zhejiang, and present proof of onward travel within 144 hours to qualify for a transit visa in Shanghai. Because the transit visa clock does not start until midnight the day after their arrival, travelers can receive up to 167 hours if the timing works out. Unfortunately, roundtrip tickets are not recognized for Shanghai visas; tourists must arrive from one country and exit for another to qualify. Before being allowed to check-in or board, anyone traveling to a nation that requires a visa, such as China, will have their paperwork examined at the airport. Because many airport workers are unfamiliar with the Shanghai visa for 144-hour transit, delays and delayed flights are common; it’s advisable to arrive even earlier.

If you want to learn more about the requirements of a transit visa, you can get in touch with our Shanghai law firm. They can help you in the whole process of the immigration to Shanghai

Shanghai residency permit

The Ministry of Public Security established new laws related to residence permits in Shanghai in 2015, significantly more convenient. The new policies are categorized as:

  • Long-term five-year residence permission;
  • High-earners’ benefit;
  • Residence permits for foreign China university graduates; 
  • Expert residence permit or green card;
  • Personal employment permit.

If you want to know the details of these policies, you can trust our knowledgeable lawyers. They will guide you in detail about the residence permit in Shanghai

International students in Shanghai (2017-2018)

Please find below the number of international students who lived in Shanghai and had a residence permit in 2018:

  • In 2018, the number of foreigners possessing a residence permit in Shanghai was around 21,600;
  • Those foreigners were granted residence permits to study in Shanghai in the year 2018.

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