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Obtaining a Work Permit in China

Obtaining a Work Permit in China

Foreigners who want to find a job in China will need to obtain a work permit. This procedure can be hindered by the language barrier but, with the right help, you can navigate through the different Chinese formalities required for those who want to work there.

The requirements for employment may vary from one region of the country to the other, but our Chinese lawyers can help you obtain the basic permits and the mandatory Z visa.

The Z visa in China

The Z visa is issued for foreigners who want to work in China. The individual must have this document before entering the country and applications can be submitted to the Chinese embassy. The applicant must send the following in order to obtain a Z visa:

– passport with at least six months validity;

– the visa application form completed;

– a recent passport photo;

– proof of legal stay; 

– copies of any previous Chinese visas (if applicable);

– document/s attesting that you will be working in China (varying according to the employer).

You will have to include the following information in the Z form: name, nationality, place of birth, local ID, passport number, current occupation, education, important family members, travel information and other information (relevant for those who have applied for a Chinese visa before).

All the information provided in the application form must be true. Otherwise, the applicant may not receive the visa and thus permission to enter into China. Our Chinese attorneys can tell you more about other visas available in China, if your visiting purpose is other than work-related. If you are a company owner, running a business in China, you are advised to protect your products and services from infringement. Our lawyers can help you register a trademark in China. In addition to the practical assistance, they will also explain to you the step-by-step procedure, so you could have a better understanding. You are welcome to get in touch with the expert lawyers at our law firm in China.

Applying for a work permit in China

After entering the country with your Z permit, you should begin the formalities to obtain the work permit and the residence permit as soon as possible. Your employer must be involved in the work permit application procedure. If you want to perform a company verification procedure before arriving to China, our lawyers can help you obtain information about Chinese companies.

The future employee will need to go through a medical examination at an approved hospital. In some cities, you will also be asked to provide a criminal record.

Foreigners who want to work and live in China will also have to obtain a residence permit. To learn more about special permits and licenses in China, please do not hesitate to contact our Chinese law firm.