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Immigrate to China from Australia

Immigrate to China from Australia

Those who want to immigrate to China from Australia must consider the formalities of obtaining an entry visa. As such, Australian citizens can receive visas for tourism, business, studies purposes, or any other reasons. Our Chinese lawyers are at your disposal with legal support, and in the following lines, you can find out some information about how to relocate to China from Australia.

Getting a visa to move to China from Australia

Even if China does not allow Australian citizens to enter without a visa, this permit can be obtained relatively quickly. Australians can opt for a single or multiple-entry visa for China. Here are some of the procedures and formalities, noting that our lawyers in China can help you from the very beginning to obtain the desired visa:

  • The tourist visa allows a maximum stay of 90 days in 6 months.
  • The same period of stay is also allowed for the business visa for China issued for Australian citizens. Our immigration lawyers in China can help you with the formalities.
  • Among the documents required for a Chinese visa are a valid passport, standard application forms to be completed, specific visa photos, and other documents.
  • We mention that the visa application can be done online, or in person at the embassy. Our lawyers in China can help you in any of the cases so that you can immigrate to China from Australia without complications.

How to get residency in China as an Australian citizen

If you want to move to China from Australia for a longer period, it is good to know the formalities for obtaining residency in China:

  • It is mandatory to register with the local authorities upon entering China, especially if the stay is more than 90 days.
  • It is necessary to fill out some forms with personal information and present a valid passport, health certificate, and clear criminal record, among others.
  • Australians who want to work in China must provide an employment contract and other documents provided by the employer in question.
  • A temporary residence permit in China is valid for one year and can be extended upon request.
  • The Public Security Bureau is the institution that accepts applications for residency in China. You can learn more from our specialists who can help you with the formalities in this regard.

How long does it take to obtain permanent residence in China?

If you want to relocate to China from Australia for a longer period, one must inform you that permanent residence can be obtained after 4 years of living in this country. As for citizenship in China, those interested must prove that they have lived here for at least 5 years. We invite you to talk more about immigration to China from Australia with one of our specialists.

Is there a start-up visa available in China?

Yes, those who want to immigrate to China from Australia and start a business can apply for a start-up visa. This is also called the Chinese entrepreneur visa, which is issued together with the residence permit, valid for one year. Those interested can talk to our immigration lawyers in China to find out more about the formalities for obtaining such a visa.

Statistical data about immigration to China

According to the Chinese National Immigration Administration, the following statistical data were recorded:

  • More than 1.705 million visas and other documents were issued in China for foreigners who arrived in this country in 2023.
  • Around 19,000 high-level professionals were accepted in mainland China in 2023.
  • Even so, the net migration rate in China in 2023 decreased, being -0.256 per 1000 population.

In addition to helping with immigration to China from Australia, our specialists can also help you with other services. We offer assistance for those interested in trademark registration in China. Moreover, you have at your disposal the services offered by our divorce lawyers in China. Do not hesitate to contact our law firm in China for specialized help.